You have been dreaming to much, saying words like i wish i was successful,i want to start a business. I will do it when my kids get older, i will work on it when i have enough time and the most common thing i have heard from all walks of life is, i will doContinue reading “DECIDE TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL”


Time management: this is how you manage the time that you have and maximizing   every opportunity that the time offers you. People have talked about it over and over,yet this resource called time has been difficult to manage. This also in regard to those we presume to be successful or capable,they also struggle  with thisContinue reading “TIME MANAGEMENT”


The law of habit says”any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit” when you react and respond in a positive way  repeatedly,you will take control of your conscious mind. what are you doing everyday, where are you spending your hours. how are you investing the most preciousContinue reading “CHANGE YOUR LIFE”