We a times believe there is something by the name luck. we console yourself that because he or she is living that kind of life is because he or she was lucky. we have equated success with a mysterious  forces working for own success. let me burst your bubble there is nothing  like luck. itContinue reading “CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK”


You have been dreaming to much, saying words like i wish i was successful,i want to start a business. I will do it when my kids get older, i will work on it when i have enough time and the most common thing i have heard from all walks of life is, i will doContinue reading “DECIDE TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL”


Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. look at it as just a believe but we over analysis things and build a mole into a hill, until you understand that fear is just a believe.Fear will cripple you to yourContinue reading “HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR”


We give value to what we cherish and appreciate, funny enough we don’t know our own value. I have seen people with potential and deep down they know they are born with greatness but unfortunately you see them living an average and a mediocre life. In most cases they are used people and taken advantage. Continue reading “KNOW YOUR VALUE”


We have heard this before and a times we feel offended and we see the people who say it are crazy per say . I had to research deep and i come across this amazing quote. ” whatever is impressed is expressed” this is a quotation by Aristotle My understanding is, you are not whatContinue reading “CHANGE YOUR THINKING”


Time management: this is how you manage the time that you have and maximizing   every opportunity that the time offers you. People have talked about it over and over,yet this resource called time has been difficult to manage. This also in regard to those we presume to be successful or capable,they also struggle  with thisContinue reading “TIME MANAGEMENT”


  The biggest difference between you and a successful person is they take time and discover their strengths. I know you desire to be successful and you want to achieve more in life. Let me inspire you on old  secret,Take time to know yourself has much as possible and when you know yourself,identify your strengthContinue reading “GO ALL IN ON YOUR STRENGTHS”


Patience most common but less used. The world has changed and people are living in the microwave society where we want our things now and to happen fast. They culture of patience has become outdated and old school. little do people know that patience is the mother of great things. anything that comes fast goesContinue reading “PATIENCE”


We all reach at a point in our live’s that we see like we are wasting our lives  potential. we feel down in our bones like something is missing or something isn’t working for us anymore.That is a calling from your heart that it is time to re-invent yourself. The biggest question is are youContinue reading “RE-INVENT YOURSELF”