Keep going don’t stop

No one promised that the journey to financial freedom and happy life was easy and if it comes easy then it goes at the same speed.Am writing this for you to build up the muscles and maintain the pace and keep going. The more you live you tend to understand that its more of theContinue reading “Keep going don’t stop”

The darkness won’t last forever.

The darkness hours is always the time when then light is about to shine. We all reach a point where all what we see is darkness and there isn’t light. I mean When life becomes a burden rather than a gift and all hope and trust is lost and there isn’t anyone or anything youContinue reading “The darkness won’t last forever.”


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”—Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)Naturalist, Author, Philosopher We all get scared,we tend to see our dreams are so far fetched and to many of us we believe that. Its only them who succeed and live to see their dream come to true. As longContinue reading “LIVE YOUR DREAM”


We give value to what we cherish and appreciate, funny enough we don’t know our own value. I have seen people with potential and deep down they know they are born with greatness but unfortunately you see them living an average and a mediocre life. In most cases they are used people and taken advantage. Continue reading “KNOW YOUR VALUE”


It comes a time we feel stuck and most cases we are actually stuck and we tend to look for the cure. Funny thing is we look for the cause and the cure from outside but the reality is the cause and the cure are actually inside us. let me break it down,there are fiveContinue reading “OVERCOMING OBSTACLES”