You are in the right truck

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!”—Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991)Writer, Cartoonist, Animator Cut yourself some slack. You doing what you can. You are giving the best. Keep doing what you are doing.stay on track, you might not reach as fast as them but youContinue reading “You are in the right truck”


Matter how good we think we are or how beautiful or handsome we tend to believe we are. We all have faced rejection and if not you will experience it. The huge difference is how we handle it or face it. My generation has been shut away from experiencing it while we were young wereContinue reading “REJECTION AND HOW TO HANDLE IT”


A trader of all trade is a master of none and you can’t serve two masters at a time, you will love one and hate the other. Serve one better than the other .This comes when one has not prioritized. keep in mind there is no master of all but master of one thing. AmContinue reading “COMMITMENT”


John maverick was ferry himself from one harbour to the next using ferry bus There was fog at that particular time and he couldn’t see in front. Fear got hold of him and nothing seemed possible After a while the the fog cleared and he could see clearly and sense of fear left him. HeContinue reading “CLEAR THE FOG AND SEE”


“YOU MAY CHANGE WHAT YOU DO BUT YOU CAN NEVER CHANGE WHAT YOU WANT” This can be debatable but still, have you ever asked yourself what you really want. people who have succeed in this earth are the people who knew what they wanted and focused on it until it gave birth As kids, weContinue reading “WHAT DO YOU WANT”


I always felt that i can do all things own my own until the day i was overwhelm with everything. i almost gave up on my dream and i wanted to quit. i had to understand that we all need someone to push us when when we about to quit,we need people to hold ourContinue reading “DEVELOP YOUR OWN NETWORK”


We give value to what we cherish and appreciate, funny enough we don’t know our own value. I have seen people with potential and deep down they know they are born with greatness but unfortunately you see them living an average and a mediocre life. In most cases they are used people and taken advantage. Continue reading “KNOW YOUR VALUE”


We are living in the world full of distraction and sometimes it get’s hard to perform because of the amount of noise coming in and out . I have you ever had a project and you keep on doing it in bits and then leaving it on the way, a simple project lasting for 10Continue reading “HOW TO INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY IN A WORLD OF DISTRACTION”


It comes a time we feel stuck and most cases we are actually stuck and we tend to look for the cure. Funny thing is we look for the cause and the cure from outside but the reality is the cause and the cure are actually inside us. let me break it down,there are fiveContinue reading “OVERCOMING OBSTACLES”

Discover your self-ideal

Ideals stands for virtues,values and qualities you most admire in yourself and others. It comes a times that we need to discover ourselves and find out the values that makes us different and admirable. for long time we spend looking out and forgetting the most important thing that one has to discover is   ” knowContinue reading “Discover your self-ideal”