The spirit of a fighter

You need to get hungry for you to raise in any sector of life, you need to be go at it like your life depends on it. The movers and the shakers don’t do it because it’s convenient they do it because that’s what defines them. Am writing this to my generation,to the people whoContinue reading “The spirit of a fighter”

The Blame game

You need to know your life comes from within and no one has the power over your life unless you give them power We all blame either the society, the system, our parents, our relationship(spouses),our background, our upbringing the list Continues in short we all blame someone or something for our mishaps . You needContinue reading “The Blame game”

The darkness won’t last forever.

The darkness hours is always the time when then light is about to shine. We all reach a point where all what we see is darkness and there isn’t light. I mean When life becomes a burden rather than a gift and all hope and trust is lost and there isn’t anyone or anything youContinue reading “The darkness won’t last forever.”

Apprenticeship and mentorship

In the african setting everyone in the community had something to do and everyone had an important role to play So find someone who is doing what he or she loves. Take time and learn from them. Ask questions and I assure you that you will grow from there. Don’t see a job as aContinue reading “Apprenticeship and mentorship”


It is  time that you need to work on yourself,build that dream up. Nothing can be accomplished if you don’t put effort on it. you need to be in it to win it. we are very quick to give part of our lives on things which do not equip us.we run for quick gratification, thingsContinue reading “WORK ON YOURSELF AND NOT OTHERS”