The spirit of a fighter

You need to get hungry for you to raise in any sector of life, you need to be go at it like your life depends on it. The movers and the shakers don’t do it because it’s convenient they do it because that’s what defines them. Am writing this to my generation,to the people whoContinue reading “The spirit of a fighter”


A trader of all trade is a master of none and you can’t serve two masters at a time, you will love one and hate the other. Serve one better than the other .This comes when one has not prioritized. keep in mind there is no master of all but master of one thing. AmContinue reading “COMMITMENT”


A  wise man once said “if your dreams are not scary and big then go back to bed and dream again.” until you find reasons which are bigger than reality you will always procrastinate and sleep on your God given talent. let me inspire you.. you not working for yourself but you are working forContinue reading “FIND REASONS THAT ARE GREATER THAN REALITY”