We all reach at a point in our live’s that we see like we are wasting our lives  potential. we feel down in our bones like something is missing or something isn’t working for us anymore.That is a calling from your heart that it is time to re-invent yourself. The biggest question is are youContinue reading “RE-INVENT YOURSELF”


we need to wake up from this intelligence trap,this occurs when we think we have finished campus and we don’t need to school ourselves anymore. This is when you feel the knowledge that you have attain is enough  and their is no need to add more knowledge. we are all brought up in a communityContinue reading “ITS HIGH TIME WE WAKE UP FROM”INTELLIGENCE TRAP””


We all have a spark of genius. It doesn’t matter where you are born or where you were raised. we all have an advantage over the rest. The only difference is some think like genius while other just love being mediocre. let me tell you of a story of three individuals living  in the countryContinue reading “THINK LIKE A GENIUS”


I didn’t know there was something like this before. I was really hard on myself saying things like am not good enough, am not pretty enough or worse am not blessed enough. until i discovered this believes were the basic premises that causes feelings of inferiority and inadequacy. There are words that are pass toContinue reading “SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS”


It’s not that we don’t have problems. It just that we have the inner power to overcome. Life has taught us that is not as easy as movies or fairy tales and a time  we fall and cry. even the inner spirit a times reaches  to a place of brokenness. let me encourage you thatContinue reading “THE OVERCOMING SPIRIT”


I know currently you have been talking to yourself and apparently you have thought you are either mad or  going crazy. let me answer your question, you are not going crazy. you are experiencing something that great  influencers  have but you might  be doing it wrong self talk has been in there for age’s. itContinue reading “PRACTICE POSITIVE SELF TALK”


self esteem is the confidence on one’s worth and commonly refereed as self-respect. To some this might be a cliche word or they have heard it to much to an extend the faith of this simple and powerful word has lost it’s importance. what i have learnt is the level of your self-esteem largely determinesContinue reading “SELF-ESTEEM”


Courage is not the absence of fear but the power to push through the fear. courage has been over talked and people have diluted it to something normal.until you understand that courage is the engine that start great idea to fruition. you will look at courage in a different way. let me give you simpleContinue reading “GET COURAGEOUS”


It comes a time we feel stuck and most cases we are actually stuck and we tend to look for the cure. Funny thing is we look for the cause and the cure from outside but the reality is the cause and the cure are actually inside us. let me break it down,there are fiveContinue reading “OVERCOMING OBSTACLES”


Self-image This is the way you see yourself and think about yourself. This is the best overlooked virtue in this decade. we all want to be liked,we all want to be popular and as a result we diminish our self image and mascaraed a different version to fit into the society. so when we don’tContinue reading “CREATE UNDISPUTED SELF-IMAGE”