keith in the making.jpgMentorship and Inspiration is an initiative to bring people together from different sector so as to empower the youth and young adult.

This initiative was started due to the moral decay and loss of hope of the youth and young adult .

Here we will inspire them with :

  • stories of those who accomplish under all odds and obstacles.
  • give them encouragements  through quotes and inspiring words.
  • stream them videos of live motivation speakers.
  • provide them with information on how to successed
  • connect them with mentors around them .

This is website for all ages who needs to fuel up their spirit and bring focus back.

Welcome and tell a friend to tell a friend to build a community


Mentorship and Inspiration wants to create a more happy, just and equal human being by nurturing youth and young Adult to be leaders, critical thinkers and doers who see the people in any community as the most valuable assets and are committed to working with marginalized communities to bring about change that leads to empowered self sustainable communities.


We believe the greatest resource in any community is its people. They possess talents, gift and abilities to enormous potential. However in marginalized communities this significant assets is often limited or under valued due to much of the people creativity ingenuity and time being directed at serving. A more just equitable human centered world is fundamental to providing everyone an environment in which they have opportunities to bring forth the best that is within them to become self actualization and to contribute their genius to bettering their community and the world.


MENTORSHIP AND INSPIRATION is  a community organisation run by diverse staff  of young adult and senior who are innovative ,passionate and dedicated to creating a more just, equitable, human-centered, environmentally sustainable world. We are community numbers, artist, activist, leaders, students, parents and youth. We believe in community empowerment through self-mastery – a commitment to self to continually develop attitude and behavior that allow one to positively impact self and community.

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