Mental illness has been overlooked in most part of the globe, The have overlooked it has a stage especially in the youth and the young adult. Its time we stop to overlook it and start facing it head on. Growing up teenagers experience new external and internal struggles that can be emotionally overwhelming. The factContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH HAS BEEN OVERLOOKED IN THE YOUTH AND TEENS”

It’s our responsibility to mentor the youth

In Africa the where stages of passage. I can talk more of Kenya particularly the kalenjins and the Masaai . Every stage one had to learn by mentoring, oral traditions and there were set of rules and regulations that enable one to be constructive and valuable to the entire clan Fun part the current worldContinue reading “It’s our responsibility to mentor the youth”

My child is a Drug addict help me.

There is nothing as hurting as seeing your bright and intelligent child fade away just in the name of drugs The current society and the hustle of life has made us forget the main purpose of life. We have been watching wildlife documentary for ages and we have never learn, see how the wild protectContinue reading “My child is a Drug addict help me.”