Discover your self-ideal

Ideals stands for virtues,values and qualities you most admire in yourself and others. It comes a times that we need to discover ourselves and find out the values that makes us different and admirable. for long time we spend looking out and forgetting the most important thing that one has to discover is   ” knowContinue reading “Discover your self-ideal”

Achieve your goals

we all have goals, long term goals,short term goals and mid-term goal.They will always be a wish list if we don’t take the risk and work on them. Henry David Thoreau once wrote,”have you built castles in the air?Good,that’s where they should be built.Now go to work and build a foundation under them”. whatever youContinue reading “Achieve your goals”


The law of habit says”any thought or action that you repeat over and over will eventually become a new habit” when you react and respond in a positive way  repeatedly,you will take control of your conscious mind. what are you doing everyday, where are you spending your hours. how are you investing the most preciousContinue reading “CHANGE YOUR LIFE”


It is  time that you need to work on yourself,build that dream up. Nothing can be accomplished if you don’t put effort on it. you need to be in it to win it. we are very quick to give part of our lives on things which do not equip us.we run for quick gratification, thingsContinue reading “WORK ON YOURSELF AND NOT OTHERS”


You have to believe in yourself first so as other people to believe in you. if you want to be successful you must learn to trust and believe in one’s self ,the world will not walk with you in your journey unless you believe in yourself. we are taught and programmed that we should getContinue reading “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF FIRST”


Worry does not change anything,all it does is steal your joy and keep you busy doing nothing. at this time people are filled with care and worry.Trying to figure out whats next. people are lost in deep thought looking for answers which some can’t be answered. so don’t worry,take things step by step. enjoy lifeContinue reading “WORRY IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME”


We are not immune to drama,trauma and pain at some point we go through such,the only difference is how we raise  from the same. misery will always love company and in most cases we go out to look for people in the same state and dwell in that horrific state all want i need fromContinue reading “DRAMA/TRAUMA/PAIN IS PART OF LIFE”