The 3 best habits of the Rich person

The website was created to mentor young and old and I come up across these 3 habits

Rich people count their money.

The rich people count their money regularly. They keep a keen tap on how they spend their money, how much they have in their bank account, how their invest it, and the return of their investment. They take their time to know how money flows and become money literate

They pay themselves first.

This term has been looked down on for ages, people assume that there is no need to put themself first before their bills and their business but little do people know that they should always put themselves first, especially on the money issue. Let me guide you on what this actually means, this is the money you remove from your paycheck and save for your future endeavors. learn to save and pay yourself first from any money that passes through your hands.

improving their earning abilities

we are all in the same marketplace but there are people who earn more than the rest and some people are doing the same task but their end rewards differ. The secret is the rich always try to find a way to add value or look for leverage from the rest.

always find time to improve on your craft and stand out. keep finding ways to make money and become more financially stable.

“you don’t decide your future, you decide your habit and your habit decides your future.”

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Change comes from within

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They say if you want to change the world start with the man in the mirror. They might be true. we all find the need to change the people around us and we tend to forget that people only mirror what you offer.

am writing this to you not because am righteous or out of wrong but am writing to you so that you can focus on it. find the energy to look deep and correct your wrongs and build on yourself. I know it isn’t easy and please don’t get me wrong that there is something wrong with you but all I want is for you to become a better version of yourself.

I started this website to build a safe community for all races and all ages, that there is still hope when we look deep inside ourselves there is something worth celebrating. The one reading this article, I may not know what you are going through, I may not know your battles but I really know is that they all pass. This doesn’t mean you stay there saying that they are going to pass, this means you must give it your all and remove yourself from all kinds of pain by doing something. I love this quote which says “you should never settle for less when there is more out there”.

my reader gets woke and starts working on yourself, start to dream all over again. improve on the little thing and get committed to the journey. always remember you are working on progress.

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Keep going don’t stop

No one promised that the journey to financial freedom and happy life was easy and if it comes easy then it goes at the same speed.Am writing this for you to build up the muscles and maintain the pace and keep going.

The more you live you tend to understand that its more of the journey than the destination. So enjoy the ups and the downs they make life worth living and the destination more worth while. So when you meet trials or tribulation along the way to your dream then know your dream is worth more. The rough the journey the more rewarding the destination.

So you need to keep going , when the storm rises, keep going , keep going when flood rises, keep going when the energy in you is done . Rest and keep going .

So my reader. I have seen people succeed not because the are stronger, not wiser, not intellectual but because the keep doing one craft and kept on doing it it over and over without giving up. So I want you to succeed and see you grow.

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Overcoming all troubles that comes your way

There is no lie that life is hard and comes with it’s challenges. The challenges aren’t there to settle but to pass and give you better perspective of life.

Am writing this to you because I once reached my form of rock bottom. Where people who were suppose to stand with me,left me in times where i needed them the most.

So my reader , when you feel alone or lost , don’t quit . when things are getting harder,Don’t lose hope. Keep your life force and stand,keep on the fight. Have a support system that holds you when you fall and gives you direction when you are lost. You shouldn’t give up.

We are living Ina world where everyone is trying to out shine the other and competition has become our national anthems. This has divided families and friends. The need to be better than the rest has created a void that even money can never fill. Am here not to widen the void but to help you fill that void with trust and faith that things will workout.

So the secret to overcome any challenge. As follows

1.Research on the challenge.

Having proper knowledge on the problem. You need to take time to understand the challenge from within and it means you need to go through books , online materials on that set Problem and define and redefine the challenge. The way a doctor needs to understand the root cause of any ailment to give out a prescription same you need to understand the challenge in detail.

2. Cause and effect.

Some of the challenges that we pass through are caused by us, some can say that our storms are our own making and we time blame the society or the environment but the root cause was we ignored the real cause that brought us at that point. Everything we do always have consequences. So it’s better to avoid a storm by doing what is right than doing something that will bring problems in your life.

3. Consult and get advice.

There is nothing new on this earth . What you are currently going through right now,there was someone who went through the same problem and he or she over come it and did certain things to stand again hence try to get advice from people who went through the same problem and stood again .

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What is living

We all have seen movies, read books, gone to places.. trying to understand living.

Am writing to you not because I have lived but because I need you to understand the difference between living a full life with regret and living a life of purpose and direction.

Start doing what you love to do . Start asking questions that you are afraid to ask. Start doing what you are scared to do.

You victory is just at the other side.. so build up the muscles and dare to be what you have always dream to be .

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Don’t be too hard on yourself

We are not born perfect hence don’t be hard on yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes, allow yourself to break down and cry but promise me that you will learn from every failure, from every setbacks , from every rejection so you can grow.

We are all want a perfect life with no worries. The fact still remains we are human and error is part of the process.

Am writing this to you because of the pressure of our world today is so overwhelming . The need to be rich fast and accumulate wealth quick. Has made us not to enjoy the quality of life and created in unnecessary depression and anxiety.

So my reader don’t be too hard on yourself. Just enjoy the process and grow from your mistakes.

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Humility is a life hack we all need

“Humility isn’t denying your strengths; it’s being honest about your weaknesses.”

—Rick Warren (born 1954)
Religious Leader

We are not born as perfect as the way the movies depict but we all have weakness.

The powerful part is accepting and recognizing our weakness and once someone identifies them we don’t be defensive but willing to improve on them.

There are theories on humility and everyone has different meaning but I agree with this “you don’t need to deny your strength”.if you are capable of solving a problem, kindly do. If you have the ability to make impact somewhere please do.

It is double speak when you claim to be humble and the people around you require your skills and you sit back and see someone struggling. When you can handle the task in a minute or less.

Also “accepting your weakness” you don’t need to prove anything. If you can’t do it, it okay you can’t do it . Accept it and allow someone to teach you or learn from someone.

Am writing to you not to attack you but to make you see. I hope I have been an instrument of change. So be a partner of this site and let’s grow together.


“The strongest trust is built by the smallest actions, the keeping of the little promises.”

—Walter Wangerin Jr. (1944-2021)

People will only trust you if you keep the small promises

Start fulfilling the small promises that you promised. It doesn’t need to be something grand and huge. Promises like I will see you tomorrow and you make time and meet that person . Things like I will call you later and then call later.

What a man has is his word. When he losses his word then he has nothing to offer to this world . So my reader kindly make your name because a great name is better that gold or silver and it can open doors which were difficult to be open.

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