Gillian is a seven-year old girl who cannot sit in school. She continually gets up, get distracted, flies with thought and doesn’t follow lessons. Her teacher worry about her, punish her, scold her, reward her a few times that she is attentive, but nothing. Gillian does not know to sit and cannot be attentive.

When she comes home, her mother punishes her too. So not only does she, Gillian have bad grades punishment at school but she also suffers from them at home. 

One day. Gillian’s mother is called to the school. The lady, sad as someone waiting for bad news, takes her hand and goes to the interview room, the teacher speak of illness  of an  obvious disorder .maybe its hyperactivity or maybe she needs a medication

During the interview an older teacher arrives who knows the little girl, he asks all the adults, mother, and colleagues, to follow him into an adjoining room from where she can still be seen. As he leaves, he tells Gillian that they will be back soon and turns on an old radio with music.

As the girl is alone in the room, she immediately gets up and begin to move up and down chasing the music in the air with her feet and her heart. The teacher smiles as the colleagues and the mother look at him between confusion and compassion, as is often done with the old.so he say’s

“see? Gillian is not sick Gillian is a dancer

He recommends that her mother take her to a dance class and that her colleagues make her dance from time to time. she attends her first lesson and when she gets home she tell her mother

Everyone is like me, no one can sit there

In 1981, after a career as a dancer, opening her own dance academy and receiving international recognition for art, Gillian Lynne became the choreographer of the musical “cats”

Hopefully all “different” children find adults capable of welcoming them for who they are and for what they lack.

Long live the differences, the little black sheep and the misunderstood. They are the ones who create beauty in this world

So when you feel like you don’t belong, when nothing you do is acceptable at the time just know that your uniqueness or your difference is what makes you stand out. So be you, do you, and be comfortable in your own skin.

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“let’s grow together”



Mental illness has been overlooked in most part of the globe, The have overlooked it has a stage especially in the youth and the young adult. Its time we stop to overlook it and start facing it head on.

Growing up teenagers experience new external and internal struggles that can be emotionally overwhelming. The fact that we are so busy focusing on bills and some of the daily activities that we fail to notice and if we do we assume them as a phase or something they will out grow with time. according to the youth.gov,1 in 5 youth meets the criteria for a severe mental health disorder.11% of teens report suffering at least one major depressive episode this including thoughts of suicide just in the past year.

as a group we have decide to take time and identify some of the triggers and some solution at it’s best


Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

It has come to our attention that it is important that teen’s thought and feelings are validated appropriately instead of being dismissed. i know you might have had a very big day, you might have scrub shoulders with your boss or a deal has gone wrong but when you come home you are the mummy or the daddy of the house. when your child comes to you ,matter how tired you are or matter how stupid the topic is just listen and validate their thought. know this that healthy and true friendship can help Teens work through emotional challenges. Kindly note when the mental challenge becomes worrisome kindly rush the child to a professional.

Peer pressure.

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We all want to fit in and mostly to be liked by others.honestly Adolescent feel pressure more than any other stage. There are common peer pressure at this age, the pressure to enage in sexual act since they don’t want to be seen as virgins, the pressure to take drugs such Alcohol and too look like someone else this is from the mode of dressing to the mode of doing things, little do we put we keen interest but is considered as a trigger to low-self esteem or even depression


As a parent you need to affirm your children that they are perfect in their own way . That their difference is what makes them them. constantly reminding them that self-worth doesn’t rely on how other people see them. This will control the urge in alcohol or sex.


Well we all want our kids to perform and get great grades but little do we know the type of pressures and anxiety it brings to our kids. The urge to succeed has made our children develop a sense of fear due to the scolding they get from their parent and the harsh treatment they get from their teacher and worse is when their own schoolmate consider them as failures, you may think that it only affect the average student but it also affect the top student.Top students experience this form of anxiety because of the need to prove and maintain a academic status. This happens when students haven’t understand how to cope with failure and this can lead them to be less motivated or demotivated them completely


Have you ever wonder why extra-curriculum was incorporated in school. it was brought up after it was discovered youth perform better and grow better because it boost the confidence and self-esteem. my request as parent you should reassure your kids that their more than academic excellence and failure to it it doesn’t mean that the end of life. keep reminding them nothing will ever take our the love you have for them.

4. Worry of the future

we all get scared of the future and sometimes it takes toll in us. what about our children. our children do worry about the future, things like what they are going to be, which collage are their going to enroll and will they get accepted or rejected. The fear of being an adult and making their own decision also has been seen has trigger. The young adult may what to make a decision for their future but society may make them feel unfit to make their own sound decision.


proper and safe monitoring of our kids can help them identify their strengths and this will help one to concentrate on it and enable them to make sound decision for the future. It advocated to hear what they want and rather than telling them (no). find out what was his or her dream or point of focus. There is away to direct a child without making them feel attacked but loved and protected


We all have good intention and we all want our kids to perform but the amount of pressure we exerts our kids sometimes it too much. we are always constant competition with the next big performance push our young one on excellence.

yes it isn’t bad but it has been discovered that parent are among the first trigger of succidical cases and mental health problem.


parents should understand that criticism can be very emotionally challenging and parent should be reward their teen when a task is well performed. sometime is okay to walk together rather than pointing the direction. All the stress can also be mitigated rather than threatening


Technology has never been the same since it all started and the social media has created a new phase in our youth’s life. social media made them so trapped on their phone and creating a new form of co-dependence. They can’t survive without their phones little do they know it has a in pact in their lives. The youth of today want to be like the people who they look at which might create a sense of anxiety and hopeless and most saddening is loneliness . The times when kids could play together and make fun . The youth of today are deep in the phone screen and losing the human contact which can be very unhealthy to a growing being. The teen to lose their social capability

There is something that the modern world is currently facing commonly known as cyberbullying which is a serious problem . This has number of unexplained incident. This same technology has created room for hate speech and so much more.


sometimes is not bad to interact with your kids to put down their phone time to time. invest in board Games, family game night and such activities which are involving. have conversation on the harmful effect side of living online and losing the time to live.

There are many causes of stress on Youth/teen . what else do thing causes stress leave your comment below.

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You need to start earlier before anyone arrives and finish everything before anyone even starts. The secret is who started fast and finished fast. its who is delivering fast and serving fast that counts. keep in mind quality is also a factor. give quality and it will never fail you

I have discovered that the wealthiest and most talented individual started young and grew from there. There is power on experience that we tend not to appreciate or we merely ignore .we enjoy ready made things and we believe that creating waves is as easy as it looks. The degree of achievement favors the one prepared and who has the knowledge on the subject. The point is you need to start early and learn from your mistakes and so you may improve on them. stay late when everyone has left or given up. you will have enough time on that particular project if you sacrifice that time. if you want be extraordinary you need to do an extra ordinary activities. Keep in mind you are not alone in the race so when you lazy around someone new and fresh can easily over take you .

so when you want to transform your life and make it a little bit better,then start waking up early and stay a little bit late. start working on you. start working on your dreams now. stop procrastinating and stop pushing everything in the future. Matter how advance modern medicine are we are not build to last forever.

let me break it down for you

  1. Study while other are sleeping
  2. prepare while other are daydreaming
  3. begin while others are procrastinating
  4. persist while others are quitting
  5. smile while others are frowning
  6. work while others are wishing
  7. decide while others delaying
  8. listen while others are talking
  9. save while other a wasting

It all in starting earlier and staying later than your competitor that makes you stand out.hope you have enjoyed and you be starting earlier than the rest

“let’s grow together”



in religious context vision has been given an up hand. “people perish without vision”. the context here is not the ability to see or the sense of sight but the ability to have a clear direction of where you are going and where you want to be.


as child in a lower classes,once you are asked who do you want to be  you always had an idea. some will say the wanted to be doctors or lawyer and the list continue. The vision was so clear and gave a sense of direction.

similarly when one is asked where is he/she heading when aboard a train,bus,ferry or a plane he will give you a definite destination. one has to know where he is going and what means are there to make him reach that destination.

Take time and find out what you want and where you want to be and how will you get there.

Don’t just live and move with the wind like a fallen leave with no vision or direction. find yours and reach your destination.



The world has a tendency of making people feel like they are small. The world that we live in has tremendously changed. we are living in our of social media and it has made us compare and contrast our lives and made people believe that they are not worthy or blessed.

am here to remind you that you are worthy and no one or nothing can take away your worth. You should never lose your self-belief matter what. Never allow a materialist mindset to make you believe that you are not good enough. never allow people’s positions or status to make you believe that you are not worthy.

am writing this so as to restore what has been broken the society and the time we are living and open yours that what you see on Instagram a time they are just people who are living fake and it shouldn’t bother you on what they have or how they live their life. My point here is you should always believe in yourself.

You are important and this world needs people like you. you are born and raised at a time like this to change the world and leave it to be better than how you found it hence you have a purpose and reason why you exist.

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As you human , you are going to make mistakes and there is nothing wrong with that. The only bug deal is are you learning from it. The biggest problem is we have allowed our mistakes define us. We have allowed the things that we did without experience or fear define us.

You are not your mistakes, you are not your failures. Do not allow anyone define you by your failures. Stand above it .

My reader grow from every mistake and make many mistake and most importantly don’t allow those mistake make you regret anything. So grow and learn everyday and don’t stop


There is no perfect time like the present. There is no right time like now. You want to make difference then act now. Time Will never give you a slack because it moves when you still snooze..

A conservative was once asked when is the right to pant trees. His response was yesterday was the right time to p plant . The point is you need to start acting on that project, start build that house, starting investing in yourself, start searching for your safe space because no one can will push you to your greatness. I hope you have the strength to start running towards your dream and become the version you always knew you can be.

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No more excuses, no more fuss, it time you start now and change your story for good. The world is looking for performance and not theorists.The world want People who walk the talk

Start now my reader, act now and move to a new height and become the dream and stop wishing and start doing. Thanks for reading this article and share it with friends and let’s grow together

The spirit of a fighter

You need to get hungry for you to raise in any sector of life, you need to be go at it like your life depends on it. The movers and the shakers don’t do it because it’s convenient they do it because that’s what defines them.

Am writing this to my generation,to the people who were born in a time like this,for the people who need a new form of revolution. We are free but yet we are the most imprison generation. We are imprison mentally where agenda setter are more into quantity and not quality ,we are imprison with false and mediocrity ,we are imprison with greed and quick gratification . So hooked up on our gadgets until we forget to live in the moment.

You need to be a fighter, fight for yourself, fight for your sake, fight for your people, fight for generation and let’s a build a new generation of woke people. Who know what they want ,who know where they want to go and mot define with their past experience of past pain.

I need you to see your value in life, I need you to grow, I need you to reach for the things that were said impossible for you to reach. I need you not to accept that you aren’t good enough. I want you to raise and fly the famous eagle and become your dream

Back in Africa, every hour there is a gazelle running for his or her life and there is a lion running for the life of her cubs and hers. We are all in a race,fighting for survival . Let no one tell you to accept less. Let no one lie to you that’s what you deserve because the world has a lot to offer and every one is running towards something or away from something. So fight my reader,fight for a better future for you and for the generation to come

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Your Mindset

Your mindset is one of the biggest tool that you need to guard and always upgrade, your mindset will make you see the world different and how you react to situations and problems.The people you have conquered the world had to make sure that their mind was in right places and drive the desire to accomplish their greatest desires.

The mind is tool that can be adjusted to fit and work in a particularly different way, as long as you are able to set it in your advantage.

Let me tell you of a story, There was a Kenyan marathon runner who fell during an Olympic completion ,the runner stood up and kept going and never lose hope after she was left out by the rest of her peers, she kept on running to an extent becoming the third runners up.A sport reporter asked her, why she couldn’t stop and quit and take a breather , she comfortable replied my mindset will not all me to stop and take a breather,

What am actually saying is, you need to find materials that will make you broaden your mind and see the world with the opportunity is offers and how to to solve simple problems with simple solutions. Set you mind for growth and I assure you, your life will never be the same again.

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Your cant make it alone

The world as so much so case self made millionaire s, Billionaire’s but the world has created a story that you don’t need people to succeed that as long as you put effort and focus you can achieve your set up goals.

Let me wake you up,we all need a shoulder , a hand , someone to keep us moving, someone to motivate us when the journey looks hard and complicated. The secret is walking with people who are in your field,people who had made it in your craft,people who have fail in the same craft and made it .am telling you before reach to your ultimate success you will meet stumbling blocks,you will meet failures and you will even fail and lose the energy to stand again that way history talks of mentors ,apprentice and forerunners

So find someone to look up to, someone who will be there not to validate you but to critic when you are off track,someone to coach you and make you achieve your potential and change your story,just note the William sisters become the Williams sisters because of their father.There is always someone behind the curtain who make the hardest decisions so that you may shine like the star you are today.

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