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One of our soul’s purposes is to train our readers and give them a better chance to excel in life. one of my frequent readers asked, “how he could improve his productivity in a world of distraction?”. we had to seat and research deeper to provide a better answer with a more mature understanding.

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we live in a world where the focus is even more important than your intelligence. This is where you maintain your focus on one particular thing and give it time to flourish. The problem of today is we are in a world where every corner there is a screen, stereo, dating apps, Gaming, bars, clubs, pandemic, and the list continues. Hence the ones who climb to the tops are the people who were able to overcome this distraction and maintain their focus on their goals.

“an addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative production”

The high-level people do work that matters and they don’t mix themselves with things that do not add value to their business or lives. The 99% are trapped in a maze doing things that do not add value and when they discover that their lives have gaps they can’t find what they actually used their did at that particular moment.

we have come up with 3 points that we hope will help you become productive.

90/90/1 rule

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For the next 90 days use your 90 minutes at work and focus on a single most important project. This rule will actually help you form a habit that will actually improve your productivity. The 90 days will bring out a pattern that will eventually become a habit and with time the 90 days will turn into a whole year.

Tight bubbles of Total focus.

create an environment that allows you to focus. close doors, and switch off all screens. Be very hard to reach on certain days at key times of the week. Have time for your project, work, investment, or better yet for yourself. The bubble is meant that you focus entirely on one specific goal and nothing else, do not add three projects, or two tasks but only one thing and one thing alone. The energy that you will use on other things will be used on one particular thing and perfection and performance will not be far-fetched.

choose your peer Group really well

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This is most talked about but less actualized. excuses that are commonly talked about are “they are our people, we grew together, we are related, we are neighbors, we work together”. This excuse has to stop and start to surround yourself with people who are playing in the same circle am not saying you should excommunicate with your people but spend more time with people who push you to success than people who gossip about people who are successful.

learned minimalism

The secret of genius is not complexity but its simplicity. focus on one thing and be patient for it grows with time if you are good at multi-tasking the highest I can suggest is 3 projects. my reader focus on a few priorities, they will allow you to grow.

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