“If your dream is a big dream, and if you want your life to work on the high level you say you do, there’s no way around doing the work it takes to get you there.”
—Joyce Chapman
Author, Educator

My Generation is built on one night success. The main stream media has focus so much on people who became successful over night than those who struggle their way up.

It’s time we bring back the notion that the roots of success is bitter but the fruits are sweet. I know is sounds cliche but we need to still the importance of working for what we want and refuse the need to take short cuts

I know it is hard because we are living in a world of fast food, microwave,fast cars,over the counter, GMOs, we so in a hurry that we miss out on so much.

Kindly get me clear am not against the fast life but am against the notion of things will happen without putting any work.

The believe of taking the easiest way out is better than working your way up is what is killing my generation. Research has it that the generation at this time has no time to work on marriage or relationship. The rate people are divorcing is so high compared to the x generation. Research has it that the rate of students dropping out from school is so high in the name I was not feeling it.

Am writing this not to condemn anyone but to mentor someone. I need you to hold on during the bad and the ugly. I need you to fight untill the end and work for what you want.

There was an old saying “easy come easy go” so don’t just dream work on it.

Thanks for being part of this community. I hope I have played a part of your transformation. Kindly subscribe to this blog,like and share to someone who needs to read this.

“let’s grow together”


Published by Innocent Keith

Self motivated and instrument of change. A graduate of Technical University of Mombasa with a Bachelors in Mass Journalism, which has empowered me with instrument and tools to be an effective communicator. I am motivated to be an instrument of change in my society and i see a time like this calls for a exemplary leader to impact change.

3 thoughts on “HARD WORK

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