Mental illness has been overlooked in most part of the globe, The have overlooked it has a stage especially in the youth and the young adult. Its time we stop to overlook it and start facing it head on.

Growing up teenagers experience new external and internal struggles that can be emotionally overwhelming. The fact that we are so busy focusing on bills and some of the daily activities that we fail to notice and if we do we assume them as a phase or something they will out grow with time. according to the,1 in 5 youth meets the criteria for a severe mental health disorder.11% of teens report suffering at least one major depressive episode this including thoughts of suicide just in the past year.

as a group we have decide to take time and identify some of the triggers and some solution at it’s best


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It has come to our attention that it is important that teen’s thought and feelings are validated appropriately instead of being dismissed. i know you might have had a very big day, you might have scrub shoulders with your boss or a deal has gone wrong but when you come home you are the mummy or the daddy of the house. when your child comes to you ,matter how tired you are or matter how stupid the topic is just listen and validate their thought. know this that healthy and true friendship can help Teens work through emotional challenges. Kindly note when the mental challenge becomes worrisome kindly rush the child to a professional.

Peer pressure.

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We all want to fit in and mostly to be liked by others.honestly Adolescent feel pressure more than any other stage. There are common peer pressure at this age, the pressure to enage in sexual act since they don’t want to be seen as virgins, the pressure to take drugs such Alcohol and too look like someone else this is from the mode of dressing to the mode of doing things, little do we put we keen interest but is considered as a trigger to low-self esteem or even depression


As a parent you need to affirm your children that they are perfect in their own way . That their difference is what makes them them. constantly reminding them that self-worth doesn’t rely on how other people see them. This will control the urge in alcohol or sex.


Well we all want our kids to perform and get great grades but little do we know the type of pressures and anxiety it brings to our kids. The urge to succeed has made our children develop a sense of fear due to the scolding they get from their parent and the harsh treatment they get from their teacher and worse is when their own schoolmate consider them as failures, you may think that it only affect the average student but it also affect the top student.Top students experience this form of anxiety because of the need to prove and maintain a academic status. This happens when students haven’t understand how to cope with failure and this can lead them to be less motivated or demotivated them completely


Have you ever wonder why extra-curriculum was incorporated in school. it was brought up after it was discovered youth perform better and grow better because it boost the confidence and self-esteem. my request as parent you should reassure your kids that their more than academic excellence and failure to it it doesn’t mean that the end of life. keep reminding them nothing will ever take our the love you have for them.

4. Worry of the future

we all get scared of the future and sometimes it takes toll in us. what about our children. our children do worry about the future, things like what they are going to be, which collage are their going to enroll and will they get accepted or rejected. The fear of being an adult and making their own decision also has been seen has trigger. The young adult may what to make a decision for their future but society may make them feel unfit to make their own sound decision.


proper and safe monitoring of our kids can help them identify their strengths and this will help one to concentrate on it and enable them to make sound decision for the future. It advocated to hear what they want and rather than telling them (no). find out what was his or her dream or point of focus. There is away to direct a child without making them feel attacked but loved and protected


We all have good intention and we all want our kids to perform but the amount of pressure we exerts our kids sometimes it too much. we are always constant competition with the next big performance push our young one on excellence.

yes it isn’t bad but it has been discovered that parent are among the first trigger of succidical cases and mental health problem.


parents should understand that criticism can be very emotionally challenging and parent should be reward their teen when a task is well performed. sometime is okay to walk together rather than pointing the direction. All the stress can also be mitigated rather than threatening


Technology has never been the same since it all started and the social media has created a new phase in our youth’s life. social media made them so trapped on their phone and creating a new form of co-dependence. They can’t survive without their phones little do they know it has a in pact in their lives. The youth of today want to be like the people who they look at which might create a sense of anxiety and hopeless and most saddening is loneliness . The times when kids could play together and make fun . The youth of today are deep in the phone screen and losing the human contact which can be very unhealthy to a growing being. The teen to lose their social capability

There is something that the modern world is currently facing commonly known as cyberbullying which is a serious problem . This has number of unexplained incident. This same technology has created room for hate speech and so much more.


sometimes is not bad to interact with your kids to put down their phone time to time. invest in board Games, family game night and such activities which are involving. have conversation on the harmful effect side of living online and losing the time to live.

There are many causes of stress on Youth/teen . what else do thing causes stress leave your comment below.

i hope this articles has made an impact. If you are news here please don’t forget to subscribe and follow this blog . share the article to friends and family and lets change the world together.

“let’s grow together”


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