I almost quit, my friends were pressing me to stop writing. claiming the time I was using writing I could have invested on other lucrative venture. I started believing them and I stop for a while.

I asked myself, what was the point of me inspiring people while I still needed some inspiring. until I discovered that I needed a hero. someone to keep me on check someone I could look up to when things weren’t as easy as it looked. someone who will direct me and show me the right path to take

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we all need someone to emulate, someone who made it in life and someone who makes life looks easy or at lest bearable. i discovered having heroes is a true power of learning, we will follow their paths and copy what worked for them and embed our essence in it.

so take your time and discover your life time hero because we tap into tremendous source of raw genius when we have our own heroes.

Thank you for reading this blog, remember lets grow together.


Published by Innocent Keith

Self motivated and instrument of change. A graduate of Technical University of Mombasa with a Bachelors in Mass Journalism, which has empowered me with instrument and tools to be an effective communicator. I am motivated to be an instrument of change in my society and i see a time like this calls for a exemplary leader to impact change.

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